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Social Security Trace

This search provides information about candidates name(s), as well as current and previous addresses along with the county, dates reported at each address found and may also include possible date-of-birth and/or age. For Social Security numbers issued prior to June of 2011, the report also includes the date and state of issuance.

County/State Criminal Conviction Searches

A criminal conviction record is the result of a judicial process in which a person either pleads or is found guilty of a crime. The conviction record is held in the court having jurisdiction over the proceeding.

A search of county court records or state repositories (where available) is conducted for records of criminal proceedings based on the name and date of birth of the candidate.

Federal District Criminal Record Search

A federal crime includes those acts which have been made criminal by Federal law. The United States is divided into 94 Federal Judicial Districts. Depending on population and other factors, a state may have as few as one or as many as four separate districts. (Note: The records in these district courts are separate and distinct from those found within state or county records.) Counties of residence identified for the candidate determines which federal district (s) need to be searched.

Our staff can assist the client in identifying and selecting the appropriate criminal record searches to conduct and the jurisdictions to be searched on client requirements and candidate's residential/work history.

Federal civil record and bankruptcy searches are also available.

Employment Verification

A choice of a Basic Verification which includes dates of employment and position. Or a Detailed Verification where each former employment is contacted with every effort being made to reach the supervisor and engage them in the process. The information we seek to obtain includes, but is not limited to, dates of employment; position; salary; rehire status; reason for leaving; ability to interface with peers & management and job performance. If former supervisors are unavailable or decline to speak with us, we will obtain the standard information generally provided by Human Resource Departments. In some cases we are asked to contact a third party verification company that has been contracted by the employer to handle verifications. Our report will always identify the source of the information.

Professional Reference Verification

This search is offered based on client requirements or in cases where a supervisor cannot be contacted and more detailed information is needed regarding the candidate's work experience. Personal reference verifications are also available based on client need.

Education Verification

This search verifies the candidate's educational degrees/diplomas depending on the client's requirements. The search generally includes college level degrees but can cover high schools, GED's, trade schools, and industry specific certifications if needed. Confirmation of a name, dates of attendance, majors and degrees conferred can be verified. A number of institutions are now outsourcing their verifications to third party vendors for a fee.

Consumer/Credit Report

We obtain a copy of the candidate's consumer/credit report from one of the national credit bureaus and incorporate the results into the background screening report. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1996 (FCRA), and subsequent revisions, places specific responsibilities on Baker St., as a "Consumer Reporting Agency" (CRA), the credit bureau also (CRA) and the "end user" of the report (the client/employer). Additional agreements must be signed and an on-inspection by the credit bureaus designated third-party vendor must be completed before credit reports can be ordered. In addition, some states have enacted legislation limiting the use of credit reports for employment purposes but provide exceptions for certain jobs. For clients located in the affected states, we can assist you in reviewing the specific statute for your state.

Drivers History Record

A state driving record check from the Department of Motor Vehicles will report driver's history record information for three to seven years depending on the state. The driving abstract will report the status of the license; any reported violations; the dates and status of such violations and the number of points. In addition to the FCRA, the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) governs the access and release of certain information contained in these records.

Multi State Sex Offender Registry Search

This database is compiled from sex offender registries in all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Results will include all available information that is provided and may be limited by a jurisdiction's public registry requirements.

Professional License Verification

We will verify a candidate's professional license (i.e. CPA, Nursing, Physician, etc.) with the issuing authority. The state, type of license and the issuing agency is required.

County Civil Records Search

.A civil record search will check an individual or business name for any civil litigation filed by or against them in a given county at the Superior Court level. The search can be conducted by plaintiff or defendant. A resulting record match will generally include the nature of the case, date, status and disposition. The choice of the jurisdictions to be searched is dependent upon client's requirements and applicant's residential/work address history.

Drug Testing

Substance Abuse Screening - through our partnership with a national provider of drug & alcohol testing services, we are able to access a nationwide network of over 2,000 collection sites. Our clients can choose 5 or 10 panel screens for either regulated or non-regulated industries. Our fee includes a review of all positive test results by a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) before a final report is delivered. Electronic scheduling is also available.

E-Verify Designated Agent

As a registered Designated Agent with US Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify program we offer the service of processing I-9 verifications on a client's behalf. We will also provide sign-up assistance to client's who wish to choose us as their Designated Agent for I-9 verifications through the E-Verify program.

Financial & Healthcare Compliance Searches

A number of industries are required by law or government regulation to conduct searches of a candidate's name through designated lists which are determined based on the client's type of business. These lists include individuals and business that have been debarred, sanctioned or otherwise identified by federal agencies as someone that you cannot hire nor do business with.

We have search options that satisfy the compliance requirements for the financial/banking and healthcare/pharmaceutical industries which are most commonly requested. Our staff can assist you with in identifying the right search option to meet your compliance needs.

Global Screening Searches

International background screening searches such as criminal record, employment and education are available in many countries around the globe. Access to this information is governed by international and local privacy/ industry related compliance laws, regulations and cultures. Based on the location, we can identify the specific searches that are available, approximate turnaround times the documentation required to request this information.

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