Unique Approach

Our sole purpose is to assist the client in achieving their goal of hiring the right candidate by providing accurate, qualitative and quantitative information about a candidate's background in a timely manner.


Baker St. combines the latest technology and resources along with recruiting and training skilled investigators to produce an exceptional investigative report.

Seamless Integration

Whether your organization consists of one or thousands of employees, you will receive the same level of care and attention that all of our clients enjoy.

Professional Investigators

Our clients agree that an effective background investigation is one conducted by a trained professional investigator who consistently approaches each candidate's investigation with our established methodology.

Our Solution to the Puzzle

Since 1987 a leader in providing quality Background Screening Solutions to clients around the globe

Baker St. Associates is known for its expertise, personal service, unique accessibility, and practical, cost-effective solutions. Our goal is to establish a “partnership” with each of our clients and approach every background request as an individual assignment. We look not only to provide a service to our clients but to also help educate them on how to establish and maintain an effective background-screening program.

Pre-Employment Background Screening

  • Provides a more effective work force
  • Lessens the probability of turnover
  • Ensures the security of the company's assets
  • Decreases the likelihood of product loss
  • Aids in maintaining a safe workplace
  • Reduces the possibility of negligent hiring liability
  • Increases the efficiency of the training / orientation dollar

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